Die Doofen

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Die Doofen
Origin Germany Hamburg, Germany
Years active 1992, 1995–1998
Members Wigald Boning
Olli Dittrich

Die Doofen (“The Stupids”) was a German comedy music group, consisting of the two comedians Wigald Boning and Olli Dittrich.


The band was formed in 1992 under the name Wigald Boning & Die Doofen, but split up after their debut album. Boning and Dittrich joined the German television show RTL Samstag Nacht (“RTL Saturday Night”) in 1993 on which they worked as comedians until 1998. They also reunited as a band (under the name Die Doofen) on this show. They are best known for their two albums in this period. Their number one album Lieder, die die Welt nicht braucht (“Songs that the world does not need”) sold more than 1.000.000 copies in Germany.[1] Their single “Mief” (“Stink”) was also a number one hit in their native country. They have won the German music awards Echo, Bambi, Goldene Stimmgabel and Goldene Europa. Boning and Dittrich split up again in 1998 in the last episode of RTL Samstag Nacht with a parody of the song "Time to Say Goodbye”.

Fans started a petition called "Wir wollen die Doofen" [2] in 2010 aiming to reunite the band.


Wigald Boning & die Doofen
  • 1992: Album Langspielplatte
  • 1992: Single Fiep, Fiep, Fiep
  • 1992: Single Ich bin ganz aus Lakritz gemacht
Die Doofen
  • 1995: Album Lieder, die die Welt nicht braucht
  • 1995: Single Mief
  • 1995: Single Jesus
  • 1996: Album Melodien für Melonen
  • 1996: Single Prinzessin de Bahia Tropical
  • 1996: Single Zicke Zack Tsatsiki
  • 1996: Single Lach doch mal



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