Die Wahrheit übers Lügen

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Die Wahrheit übers Lügen
Studio album by Farin Urlaub Racing Team
Released 31 October 2008

Punk rock
Ska punk

Length Großes Album: 36:27
Kleines Album: 13:58
Total: 50:29
Label Völker hört die Tonträger/Universal Records
Producer Mirko Schaffer, Farin Urlaub
Farin Urlaub Racing Team chronology
Livealbum of Death
(2006)Livealbum of Death2006
Die Wahrheit übers Lügen
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Die Wahrheit übers Lügen (The truth about lying) is the second album by Farin Urlaub Racing Team and the fourth album by Farin Urlaub.

As FURT was initially Farin Urlaub's live band, it was previously used on the live album Livealbum of Death. This is the first studio album (being the third overall) in which Farin Urlaub incorporates his Racing Team.

The album was released with a short bonus album, "Ponyhof", just as Jazz ist anders was. "Büffelherde", the main album, consists of rock songs and on "Ponyhof", Farin experiments with reggae and ska songs. The main album, however, is quite short, with only 11 songs, which is rather unusual for Die Ärzte's and its members' solo albums since 1993.

"Die Wahrheit übers Lügen" was actually a title for a song, which was not completed in time. This was then chosen for the album title instead of another one, which was, according to Farin's friend, too boring.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Farin Urlaub.

Großes Album (Büffelherde) (Big album (Buffalo herd))

  1. "Nichimgriff" (Notundercontrol) – 2:46
  2. "Unscharf" (Fuzzy, lit. Unsharp) – 2:55
  3. "Gobi Todič" – 2:32
  4. "Seltsam" (Odd) – 2:51
  5. "Krieg" (War) – 3:15
  6. "Pakistan" – 2:50
  7. "Niemals" (Never) – 3:31
  8. "Die Leiche" (The corpse) – 3:45
  9. "Monster" – 3:28
  10. "Atem" (Breath) – 4:09
  11. "Karten" (Cards) – 4:21

Kleines Album (Ponyhof) (Small album (Pony ranch))

  1. "I.F.D.G." (short for "Ich find' das gut" (I like that, lit. I find that good)) – 4:06
  2. "Zu heiß" (Too hot) – 4:03
  3. "Insel" (Island) – 3:29
  4. "Trotzdem" (Nevertheless) – 2:18


2008: "Nichimgriff"
2009: "Niemals"
2009: "Krieg"
2010: "Zu Heiß"