Digital Darkroom

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Digital Darkroom
Original author(s)
Developer(s) Silicon Beach Software
Initial release 1987; 31 years ago (1987)
Platform Apple Macintosh
Type Raster graphics editor
License Proprietary software

Digital Darkroom was an Apple Macintosh graphics program for editing gray-scale photos. It was published by Silicon Beach Software in 1987. It was programmed by Ed Bomke and Don Cone.

Digital Darkroom was the first Macintosh program to incorporate a plug-in architecture. Silicon Beach and Ed Bomke are credited with having coined the term "plug-in".[1][2]

Another innovation of Digital Darkroom was the Magic Wand tool, which also appeared later in Photoshop.

When Silicon Beach Software was acquired by Aldus Corporation, Digital Darkroom continued to be published by the Aldus Consumer Division, but was never updated to include color.

The trademark "Digital Darkroom" was acquired by MicroFrontier in 1997 and used for a completely new image-editing program that does work with color. The software was acquired by Digimage Arts in 2002 and is sold in versions for Windows and Mac operating systems.


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