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This article is about "Digital Data Exchange", DDEX may also mean: Visual Studio Data Designer (DDEX)

Digital Data Exchange (DDEX) is a standards-setting organization that was formed in 2006[1] to develop standards that enable companies to communicate efficiently[2] information along the digital supply chain by:

  • Developing standard message and file formats (XML or flat-file)
  • Developing choreographies for specific business transactions
  • Developing communication protocols (SFTP or based on web services)
  • Working with industry bodies to create a more efficient supply chain.

DDEX currently focuses on the music industry and has about 75 members.[3]

Business Transactions Addressed[edit]

Business Transactions supported by DDEX

DDEX's standards[4] address a series of business transactions:

All DDEX standards are, together with additional information, available from the DDEX Knowledge Base.[5]

Licences to use DDEX Standards[edit]

Implementers that want to use any of the DDEX standards are required to take out a licence.[6] This licence is a royalty-free click wrap licence that grants implementers access to the intellectual property embedded in the DDEX standards.


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