Digital Telecom Internet Exchange

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Digital Telecom Internet Exchange
Abbreviation DTEL-IX
Founded 2009
Location  Ukraine, Kiev
Website link (Russian)
Members 122 Template:Of
Ports >200
Peers 122 As of June 2016
Peak 487 Gbit/s As of June 2016
Daily (avg.) 350-450 Gbit/s As of June 2016

Digital Telecom Internet Exchange ("DTEL-IX") is an Internet exchange point (IXP) situated in Kiev, Ukraine. It was founded in 2009 to help establish peering for Ukrainian and international operators. This IXP currently has 122 members,[1] with a maximum throughput of 487 Gbit/s. Around 30000 routes for 20000 networks are available on route-servers.

"DTEL-IX" provides:

  • Public peering via route servers with both IPv4 and IPv6;
  • Private peering in public VLAN;
  • Private peering in private VLANs;
  • Colocation;
  • Multicast exchange

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