Digital do MaiN

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Digital do MaiN
Industry Audio electronics
Founder Kazuhiko Nishi
Headquarters Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan
Area served
Key people
Yasunori Mochida (Chairman)
Kazuhiko Nishi (President)
Tamotsu Kajiwara (CEO)
Products Power and Compact Amplifiers
Super Audio CD
D/A Converters
Website (in Japanese)

Digital do MaiN (Japanese: デジタルドメイン株式会社, Dezitaru do MēiN Kabushiki Gaisha?) is a Japanese audio engineering company headquartered in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan, which mission is design, development, manufacturing and sales of high-quality innovative audio equipment for individual users and small groups.[1] Company's management and R&D employees are concerned about development of new technologies to improve quality of sound and music listeners' satisfaction.[2] Company name emphasises symbiosis of analog and digital technologies (implemented, for example, in volume control subsystem); picture on its logo symbolizes input pin jack (left square), output pin jack (right square) and innovative signal processing unit in between.


Digital do MaiN's power amplifiers use V-FET technology transistors. Initially developed by Nippon Gakki Seizo K.K. in the 1970s (US Patent 4,216,038[3]), technology was improved, and 2SK77B transistor had been released. As V-FET devices are no longer manufactured, Digital do MaiN builds them itself.[4] Original design and usage of 2SK77B V-FET transistor give amplifiers characteristics similar to vacuum tube devices[5] and Triode class A amplifiers which feature very high quality of output sound and cancellation of most of the even distortion harmonics, and allow noise distortion to be less than 0.005%[6] and no loss of original harmonics.[7] Digital do MaiN also uses technologies and complementary products from its partners: MSB Technology's (USA) DACs,[8] Cabasse (France) loudspeakers, Denon (Japan) waveform reproduction technology.[9]


  • Japanese Audio Excellence Award 2009,[10] Separate Digital Players category (D-1a D/A converter) and Main Amplifiers category (B-1a power amplifier)


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