Digna... hasta el último aliento

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Digna... hasta el último aliento
Directed by Felipe Cazals
Produced by Academia Mexicana de Derechos Humanos
Grupo de Comunicación Publicorp
Luis Kelly
Vicente Silva
Written by Felipe Cazals
Starring Vanessa Bauche
Music by Alejandro Rosso
Release date
  • 17 December 2004 (2004-12-17) (Mexico)
Running time
118 min.
Country Mexico
Language Spanish

Digna... hasta el último aliento ("Digna (dignified)... until the last breath") is a Mexican film released in 2003.

This documentary is about Digna Ochoa Plácido, a human rights activist who died under mysterious circumstances in 2001 in Mexico City following her kidnapping by the federal police in 1999. It was presented at the Guadalajara and Berlin Film Festivals. It won the Ariel Award in 2005 in the category of Best Feature Length Documentary ("Mejor Largometraje Documental") for Felipe Cazals. It was also nominated for the Ariel Award for the Best Actress (Vanessa Bauche).

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