Dimitar Panov

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Димитър Панов
Dimitar Panov
Born July 18, 1902
Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
Died November 15, 1985
Sofia, Bulgaria
Other names Bai Pano
Occupation Film and Theater Actor
Theater Director
Years active 1955–1985

Dimitar Panov (Bulgarian: Димитър Панов) was a Bulgarian film and theater actor and director, born in 1902, deceased in 1985.

Biography and Career[edit]

With Georgi Partsalev in Whale (1970)

Panov was born on July 18, 1902 in the town of Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. He made his debut in 1955 on the stage of the Plovdiv Theater in the Chehov's play Five Small Comedies. He has continued to work with this theater not only as an actor but also being a director of such as plays as the classic Sluzhbogontsi by the eminent Bulgarian writer Ivan Vazov.

At the same time Dimitar Panov collaborated with the Plovdiv Opera where he took part in the operetta "The Bat" by Strauss and in the opera "The Beautiful Helen" by Offenbach.

His debut in the cinema was in 1960 in the film The Road Is Going Through Belovir a story by Pavel Vezhinov directed by Petar B. Vasilev. In the film we can see Apostol Karamitev in the leading role of the engineer Petrov.

Panov fulfills his movie characters with a colorful presence in a unique comic manner. Just to emphasize the films We Were Young (1961), Hedgehogs Are Born Without Spines (1971) after the screenplay by Mormarevi Brothers, Farsighted for Two Diopters (1976), also written by Mormarevi, not to mention his role as Kalcho Kalchev in the satirical comedy Whale (1970).

The autobiographical book, written by him,"The Life is Only One" was published in 1983.
Dimitar Panov died in 1985 at the age of 83.


Year Film Role Notes
1960 Patyat Minava prez Belovir / The Road Is Going Through Belovir Bay Petko Bulgarian: Пътят минава през Беловир
1961 A Byahme Mladi / We Were Young Bulgarian: А бяхме млади
Krayat na Patya / At the End of the Road Bulgarian: Краят на пътя
Stramnata Pateka / The Steep Path Bay Mihal Bulgarian: Стръмната пътека
1963 Inspektorat i Noshtta / The Inspector and the Night the forensic physician Bulgarian: Инспекторът и нощта
1964 Priklyuchenie v Polunosht / Adventure at Midnight Nastev Bulgarian: Приключение в полунощ
1965 Die Liebesquelle / The Fountain of Love Lars Pogge Austria production
Do Grada e Blizo / The City Is Nearby Bulgarian: До града е близо
Parolata / The Password Bulgarian: Паролата
1966 Goreshto Pladne / Torrid Noon Bulgarian: Горещо пладне
1967 V Kraya na Lyatoto / The End of the Summer Bulgarian: В края на лятото
1968 Gibelta na Aleksander Veliki / The Death of Alexander the Great the night guard Bulgarian: Гибелта на Александър Велики
1969 Ikonostasat / The Icon Stand Bulgarian: Иконостасът
Osmiyat / The Eighth the old man Bulgarian: Осмият
1970 Kit / Whale Kalcho Kalchev Bulgarian: Кит
Edin mig svoboda / Moment of Freedom the old man Bulgarian: Един миг свобода
Knyazat / The Prince the old boyar Bulgarian: Князът
1971 Taralezhite se razhdat bez bodli / Hedgehogs Are Born Without Spines the grandfather who lives alone Bulgarian: Таралежите се раждат без бодли
1972 Glutnitsata / The Pack of Wolves Kotse, the shepherd Bulgarian: Глутницата
Tihiyat Begletz / The Quiet Fugitive Old Petko Bulgarian: Тихият беглец
1974 Na zhivot i smart / Life or Death TV
Bulgarian: На живот и смърт
1976 Dva Dioptara Dalekogledstvo / Farsighted for Two Diopters Old Pano Bulgarian: Два диоптъра далекогледство
1977 Unterwegs nach Atlantis Patrokleos East Germany production
1978 100 tona shtastie / One Hundred Tons of Happiness Bulgarian: 100 тона щастие
Instrument li e Gaydata? / Is the Bagpipe an Instrument? Bulgarian: Инструмент ли е гайдата?
1979 Lenko Palamudov's father Bulgarian: Ленко
Ot nishto neshto / Something Out of Nothing Bulgarian: От нищо нещо
1980 Mozhe bi fregata / Maybe a Frigate Old Petko Bulgarian: Може би фрегата
Noshtnite bdeniya na pop Vecherko / Priest Vecherko's Nights Wakefulness Bay Dimitar Bulgarian: Нощните бдения на поп Вечерко
1981 A nu-ka, dedushki! / Come on, Grandpa's! co-production Bulgaria, Soviet Union
1982 Bash Maystorat na More / The Past-Master at the Seaside sequel of The Past-Master
Bulgarian: Баш Майсторът на море
1986 Vasko de Gama ot selo Rupcha / Vasko de Gama from Rupcha Village TV series
Bulgarian: Васко де Гама от село Рупча


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