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Dimona Railway Station (Hebrew: תחנת הרכבת דימונה‎, Takhanat HaRakevet Dimona) is a train station in Dimona, Israel, opened in 2005.

It is on a 35-kilometre long (22 mi) line between Dimona and Beersheba, a separate operating line within Israel Railways. The track carries on beyond the actual town itself to mines and freight yards.

In 2009, Dimona was the most quiet station of Israel with only 95 entries and exits (combined) daily.[1]

Previous station Israel Railways Next station
Terminus   DimonaBeersheba
Inter-City Service
  Towards: Be'er Sheva North
Be'er Sheva North

Coordinates: 31°04′12″N 35°00′38″E / 31.070028°N 35.01066°E / 31.070028; 35.01066

  1. ^ HaRakevet: Rothschild PhD, Rabbi Walter (september 2009), News. Series 22:3 issue 86