Dinah the Pink Dinosaur

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Dinah the Pink Dinosaur

Dinah the Pink Dinosaur (sometimes referred to as Dinah the Dinosaur) is a 40-foot (12 m) tall anthropomorphized statue of a dinosaur, located in just off Main Street (US-40) in Vernal, Utah, United States.


The statue weighs 4,200 pounds (1,900 kg) and is composed of pink fiberglass. It was originally built in 1958 to hold a sign for the Dine-A-Ville Motel[1] and served this purpose until the motel went out of business and was demolished.[2] It was later moved to a city park in the eastern part of town and now holds a sign welcoming visitors that reads "Vernal—Utah's Dinosaur Land".[3]

In popular culture[edit]

Dinah was featured in an episode of MTV's Road Rules, where the touring participants were tasked with giving the statue a new coat of pink paint.[1]


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