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Dinicu is a Romanian surname. It may refer to:

  • Angheluş Dinicu (?–?, ca. 19th century), Romanian composer, naist (panpiper) and violinist – grandfather of Grigoraș Dinicu
  • Grigoraș Dinicu (complete: Grigoraș Ionică Dinicu; 1889–1949), Romanian composer, arranger and violinist – grandson of Angheluș Dinicu
  • Ionică Dinicu (born as: Ionică Dinu; ?–?), Romanian musician singer and lutanist
  • Dimitrie A. Dinicu (1868–1936), Romanian musician
  • Dimitrie D. Dinicu (?–?), Romanian violinist/violoncellist and music teacher/professor
  • Dimitrie G. Dinicu (1898–1964), Romanian musician
  • Gheorghe A. Dinicu (1863–1930), Romanian musician
  • Nicolae A. Dinicu (1879–1954), Romanian musician
  • Sile Dinicu (native: Vasile Dinicu; 1919–1993), Romanian composer, conductor, arranger and pianist
  • Carolina Varga Dinicu (stage name: Morocco; b. 1940), Romanian Romance US American dancer and dancing master
  • Florica Dinicu (b. 1957), Romanian actor
  • Viorica Dinicu (b. ?[/?–?]), Romanian actor (in the film: Anotimpul iubirii, 1986)

Dinicu is the Romanian forename of:

  • Dinicu Golescu (Constantin Radovici Golescu; 1777–1830), a member of the Golescu family of boyars, was a Wallachian Romanian man of letters, mostly noted for his travel writings and journalism