Dinosaur vs. Bedtime

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Dinosaur vs. Bedtime is a children's book, written and illustrated by Bob Shea. Dinosaur vs. Bedtime tells the story of a young dinosaur taking on a series of challenges before going to bed.


The plot of Dinosaur vs. Bedtime centers around a young dinosaur that takes on many challenges, including adults, brushing his teeth, taking a bath, and eating spaghetti. The dinosaur takes on all the challenges put before, defeating them all by roaring at them,[1][2] until he comes up against his final (or "biggest") challenge, bedtime.[3] In the end "bedtime wins" and the dinosaur goes to sleep. The dinosaur is used in the story to represent a stubborn child who does not want to go to bed.[1] Dinosaur vs. Bedtime was illustrated by Shea,[4] who utilized mixed media including crayon, paint and photography.[1][2]


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