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Diogo sings with Sandy.

Diogo Nogueira (born Rio de Janeiro, 1981) is a singer and songwriter from Brazil. He is the son of composer João Nogueira and Ângela Maria Nogueira. He was a samba musician throughout childhood and adolescence, but became a football player, following a father's will.

After a serious knee injury, Nate decided to venture into the already well-known path of samba and released the CD and DVD Live, recorded at the Teatro João Caetano in Rio de Janeiro.[1] In 2015, his album Bossa Negra, a partnership with Hamilton de Holanda, was nominated for the 16th Latin Grammy Awards in the Best Samba/Pagode Album category. The title track of the album was also nominated for the same award, in the Best Brazilian Song category.[2]


  • Um sonho através do espelho ("A Dream through the Mirror", various, 2001, CD Jam Music)
  • Cidade do Samba ("Samba City", various, 2007, CD ZecaPagodiscos / Universal Music)
  • Ao Vivo ("Live", 2007, CD and DVD EMI Music)
  • Tô Fazendo a Minha Parte ("I'm Doing My Part", 2009, CD EMI Music)
  • Sou Eu Ao Vivo ("I Am", 2010, CD e DVD EMI Music)
  • Poder da Criação (coletânea) (2011, CD EMI Music)


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