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direct.h is a C/C++ header file provided by Microsoft Windows, which contains functions for manipulating file system directories. Some POSIX functions that do similar things are in unistd.h.

Member functions[edit]

Name Action
int _chdir(char* path) Change working directory.
int _chdrive(int drive) Change disk drive.
char* _getcwd(char* buffer, size_t length) Get working directory.
char *_getwd(char *path_name); Get the current working directory pathname[1]
int _getdrive(void) Get disk drive.
int _mkdir(const char* pathname) Make a directory.
int _rmdir(const char* pathname) Remove a directory.
void _fnmerge(char* path, const char* drive, const char* dir, const char* name, const char* ext) Merges drive, dir, name and ext into path.
int _fnsplit(const char* path, char* drive, char* dir, char* name, char* ext) Splits path into drive, dir, name and ext.
char* _searchpath(const char* file) Searches for a file.

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