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In Ontario, the Director of Education is an individual who has executive oversight and administration rights, usually within an educational entity or organization representing 72 District School Boards in Ontario of the anglophone and francophone publicly funded secular and separate school boards.

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Hong Kong[edit]

In Hong Kong, the old Education Department of the Hong Kong Government was reorganised in 1983 into the Education and Manpower Branch and the Education Department. The old position of Director of Education (Chinese: 教育司) was, accordingly, split into the Secretary for Education and Manpower and Director of Education (教育署長), with the latter reporting to the former. [1]

Before 1983, the Director of Education may be appointed by the Governor as ex-offcio member of the Legislative Council. After 1983 and before 1991, it would be the Secretary for Education and Manpower to serve in the Legislative Council.

The position was abolished in 2003. The functions of the Director of Education were transferred to the Permanent Secretary for Education in 2003, following the passage of the Education Reorganization (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill 2002 in the Legislative Council. [2]


Before its abolishment in 2003, the position was considered a stepping stone to secretary-level positions (permanent secretary-level after 2002), since the Director of Education was among the only two D7 positions according to the Civil Service Directorate Pay Scale, whereas the secretaries are D8 positions.

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