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Dirty wars are offensives conducted by regimes against their dissidents, marked by the use of torture and forced disappearance of civilians.

Dirty War may also refer to:

Specific historical events[edit]

  • Dirty War (Argentina, 1974-1983), period of state-sponsored violence against dissident and other citizens carried out by the military governments of Jorge Rafael Videla and others.
  • Dirty War (Mexico), 1960s through 1980s internal conflict, between the US-backed PRI government and left-wing student and guerrilla groups.
  • GAL (Spain, 1983-1987), illegal death squads established to fight Basque separatist militants.
  • Years of Lead (Morocco) (1960s-1980s), period of state violence against dissidents under King Hassan II sometimes described as a dirty war.
  • The Troubles (1968-1998), ethno-nationalist conflict in Northern Ireland sometimes described as a dirty war.


  • Dirty Wars (film), a 2013 documentary film based on Scahill's book.
  • Dirty War (film), a 2004 British television film about a terrorist attack on central London.
  • Dirty Wars: The World Is a Battlefield, a 2013 book by Jeremy Scahill about U.S. covert warfare.

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