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DKI (Disaster Kleenup International)
Industry Disaster recovery and prevention
Founded 1974 [1]
Headquarters Elk Grove Village, Illinois (corporate headquarters), United States
Number of locations
Over 450 franchises in the United States [1]
Area served
United States, Canada, Ireland
Key people
Dan Cassara, President/CEO, Donald Cox CFO, Patrick Phillips CIO
Services Insurance restoration [2]
Revenue $1.7 Billion (June 2013)
Website www.dkiservices.com

DKI (Disaster Kleenup International) is the largest organization in North America that contracts for disaster restoration.[3] In June 2013, its annual revenue was $1.7 Billion.[4] The organization began franchising in 1994.[2] The organization operates a network that supports its member companies,[3] which operate as independent contractors.[5] The organization's member companies deal with matters that occur from natural disasters, such as water damage, fire, smoke,content cleaning, mold remediation and also upon cleaning-up manmade disasters.[4] The restorations services that DKI provides is to insurance, commercial and residential clients.

Member support[edit]

The organization supports its member companies by providing a brand for marketing purposes, workshops and training programs, claims support, and marketing initiatives.[6] The organization operates a 24-hour call center that is used by its member companies, customers and insurance companies.[6]

Member companies[edit]

DKI has Member Franchises in 45 states.

For a list of current locations[edit]



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