Discord (Bomb Factory album)

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Compilation album by Bomb Factory
Released European Union September 30, 2004
Genre Hard rock
Punk rock
Hardcore punk
Label MHP Records/Skalopards Productions
Bomb Factory chronology
Pilot Wire (single)
Another Day, Another Life

Discord is a compilation album by punk rock band Bomb Factory. It was released exclusively in Europe on MHP/Skalopards Records and includes all tracks from the Discord maxi single and Fat Boost mini album (with the exception of the hidden track), as well as the popular track "Exciter".

Track listing[edit]

All songs written and composed by Bomb Factory. 

No. Title Length
1. "Awaited Time"   4:00
2. "Holiday"   4:24
3. "Discord"   3:00
4. "In the Sun"   3:48
5. "Roller Coaster"   3:55
6. "23 Hours"   3:30
7. "Dog Race"   3:17
8. "Worst-Case"   3:08
9. "Hangover"   3:31
10. "Today"   4:23
11. "Exciter"   3:31

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