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Discus Awards
Discus Awards Logo.png
Discus Awards logo
Awarded for Honoring the All-Around Student
Country USA
First awarded 2009 - Present
Website http://www.discusawards.com/

The Discus Awards is a U.S.-based national high school awards and recognition program. Students receive a Discus Award if they excel in different key attributes. Discus Award winners are eligible for a $2,000 scholarship. Ten $2,000 merit-based college scholarships are given out every school year.[1] The Discus Awards was created in 2009 by Campus Direct and Recognition Media, the operator and owner of the Webby Awards.[2]

U.S. high school students in 9th through 12th grades are eligible to win the award.[3] Students may nominate themselves, or students may be nominated by others. To submit a nomination, students must select three of 10 attributes and write a blurb about each attribute. The 10 attributes are arts, athletics, academics, faith, government, green, community service, technology, work, and other.[4] Nominations are judged on their three attributes by current or former teachers, guidance counselors or school administrators.[5]


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