Disdain (EP)

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Bù Xiè
Alien Huang-DisdainEP-cover.jpg
Disdain cover
EP 不屑 by Alien Huang
Released 17 July 2009
Genre Mandopop, Rock
Language Mandarin
Label Rock Records
Alien Huang chronology
Disdain (EP)
Love Hero

Bù Xiè (Chinese: 不屑 "Disdain") is Taiwanese Mandopop artist Alien Huang's (aka Xiao Gui 小鬼) Mandarin solo debut EP album. It was released on 17 July 2009 by Rock Records.[1] A second edition, Disdain (Limited Edition) (不屑 限量版) on 16 September 2009 with a bonus DVD containing two music videos and behind-the-scene footage.[2]

In this EP Alien collaborated with label mates, rock band Fun4 (小樂團). The tracks "鬼混" (Fooling Around) was previously released in 2008 as a promotional single with Alien's second illustration book "鬼怒穿", and together with "鬼打牆" (Demon Walls) are rock tracks. The title track "不屑" (Disdain) is a rock ballad.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Intro"
  2. "鬼打牆" (Demon Walls)
  3. "不屑" (Disdain)
  4. "鬼混" (Fooling Around)
  5. "Outro"

Bonus DVD[edit]

  1. "鬼打牆" (Demon Walls) MV
  2. "不屑" (Disdain) MV
  3. Exclusive Xiao Gui behind-the-scene footage (獨家側拍鬼靈精怪全紀錄)


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