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EP by Grifters
Released 1990
Recorded 1990, Easley McCain Recording, Memphis, Tennessee
Genre Indie Rock
Length 13:31 (7") (EP)
Label Doink
Producer The Grifters
Grifters chronology
The Kingdom of Jones
(1991)The Kingdom of Jones1991

Disfigurehead is the first 7" EP by Memphis indie rock band The Grifters. The band was still a trio and the dynamics were not dissimilar from their A Band Called Bud incarnation, except that the production was more polished and the effects were toned down so that the guitars had a rougher edge.

Shangri-La Records re-released the first two Grifters singles in 1996 as The Doink Years 10" and again on CD in 2006.

Track listing[edit]

Side A

  1. "Disfigurehead" - 3:18 (vocals Shouse)
  2. "Need You" - 3:48 (vocals Taylor)

Side B

  1. "Reason Enough" - 1:36 (vocals Shouse)
  2. "How Long?" - 3:49 (vocals Taylor)

Album credits[edit]


  • Tripp Lamkins
  • David Shouse
  • Scott Taylor