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Dispersion Technology Inc
Private Incorporated
Industry Instrumentation
Founded 1996 [1]
Headquarters Bedford Hills, New York[2]
Key people
Andrei Dukhin, CEO
Website www.dispersion.com

Dispersion Technology Inc is a scientific instrument manufacturer located in Bedford Hills, New York.[1] Founded in 1996 by Philip Goetz (former Chairman, retired in 2010) and Dr. Andrei Dukhin (current CEO),[3] the company develops and sells analytical instruments intended for characterizing concentrated dispersions and emulsions, complying with the International Standards for acoustic particle sizing ISO 20998 [4][5] and Electroacoustic zeta potential measurement ISO 13099.[6]

Dispersion Technology manufactures a family of ultrasound based instruments for measuring particle size, zeta potential, high frequency rheology, and solid content in concentrated systems without diluting them.[7]

Founders Dukhin and Goetz have written two books published by Elsevier describing the details of these methods, underlying theories, and applications of the instruments manufactured by Dispersion Technology.[8]

Dispersion Technology maintains seven patents in the United States,[9][10][11][12][13][14] and has representation in Japan,[15] Russia[16] Europe,[17] Brazil,[18] S.Korea,[19] China,[17] and Canada.[20]


Research utilizing instrumentation[edit]

Scientific papers have been published using instruments manufactured by Dispersion Technology to study the following kinds of systems:

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