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Disposable towels are a relatively new invention in the field of disposable convenience products made from nonwoven fibres that act as absorbent fabric that soak up liquids and primarily used for drying and sanitation purposes. They were first popularised by the hospital supply industry, but are now relatively common in resorts, hotels, beauty salons, day cares and similar fields. The main advantage that disposable towels offer is the hygiene and cleanliness that they guarantee for each user. Often, they are made from recycled content, and can be rewashed after use. Disposable towels are essential in hospitals for providing a sterile drape for minor medical procedures and for their ability to quickly remedy spills. Disposable towels also save hotel and salon owners time and money by preventing the necessity of washing and drying using slower traditional methods. Some hairdressers implement the use of ordinary towels on consumers which they then re-use for their next clients and this has the potential to spread a variety of skin and hair diseases. Health professionals recommend the use of disposable towels to minimise the risk of contamination and the spread of harmful contagions. Through the use of one-time disposable towels, we are able to minimise the unpleasant reprecussions of reusing old and unsanitary towels.The advantages disposable towels presents are manifold and are applicable to a wide range of setting from medical to domestic and cosmetic uses.

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