Distance and Clime

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Distance and Clime
Studio album by Centro-Matic
Released August 2001
Genre Rock
Label Idol/Munich

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Will Johnson.

  1. The Connection’s Not So Civilized
  2. Fountains of Fire
  3. Scrap the New Rails
  4. To Unleash the Horses Now
  5. Tundra (Part Seven)
  6. The Given Geography
  7. Truth Flies Out
  8. Janitorial on Channel Fail
  9. On the Sagtikos
  10. Actuator’s Great
  11. Tonight Is Not It
  12. Decorated Equals
  13. Patiently Standing
  14. Upton to Riverhead to Mastic
  15. Call Down the Systems and the Ranks


  • Will Johnson - vocals, guitars
  • Scott Danbom - vocals, keyboards, violin
  • Mark Hedman - bass
  • Matt Pence - drums


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