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Divergence is a function that associates a scalar with every point of a vector field.

Divergence or Divergent may also refer to:




  • Divergent boundary, a linear feature that exists between tectonic plates that are moving away from each other
  • Divergence (eye), the simultaneous outward movement of both eyes away from each other
  • Divergence problem, an anomaly between the instrumental record and temperatures calculated using some tree ring proxies
  • Beam divergence, the half-angle of the cone formed by a beam of light as it propagates and spreads out
  • Genetic divergence, the process in which two or more populations of an ancestral species accumulate independent genetic changes
  • Evolutionary divergence, the accumulation of differences between populations of closely related species
  • Infrared divergence, due to contributions of objects with low energy
  • Ultraviolet divergence, due to contributions of objects with very high energy
  • Divergence (optics), the angle formed between spreading rays of light


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