The Divine Emma

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The Divine Emma
Bozska Ema.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Original title Božská Ema
Directed by Jiří Krejčík
Produced by Jan Syrový
Screenplay by Zdeněk Mahler
Starring Božidara Turzonovová
Music by Zdeněk Liška
Cinematography Miroslav Ondříček
Edited by Miroslav Hájek
Release date
Running time
110 minutes
Country Czechoslovakia
Language Czech

The Divine Emma (Czech: Božská Ema) is a Czech drama film directed by Jiří Krejčík. It was released in 1979. The film was selected as the Czechoslovakian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 54th Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.[1]


The film is a biographical account of Czech operatic soprano Emmy Destinn's life. The primary focus is on the singer's return from USA in 1914, and her subsequent involvement in the Czech patriotic resistance against Austria-Hungary during World War I.


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