Diving at the 2004 Summer Olympics – Men's synchronized 3 metre springboard

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Men's synchronized 3 metre springboard
at the Games of the XXVIII Olympiad
1st, gold medalist(s) Thomas Bimis,
Nikolaos Siranidis
2nd, silver medalist(s) Tobias Schellenberg,
Andreas Wels
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Steven Barnett,
Robert Newbery
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Diving at the
2004 Summer Olympics
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10 m platform   men   women
3 m springboard
  men   women
10 m platform
  men   women

The men's synchronized 3 metre springboard was one of eight diving events included in the Diving at the 2004 Summer Olympics programme.

The competition was held as an outright final:

16 August — Each pair of divers performed five dives freely chosen from the five diving groups, with two dives limited to a 2.0 degree of difficulty and the others without limitation. Divers could perform different dives during the same dive if both presented the same difficulty degree. The final ranking was determined by the score attained by the pair after all five dives had been performed.


The fifth and final round of dives was stage for a bizarre sequence of events, beginning with a spectator jumping into the pool. The then-leaders Peng Bo and Wang Kenan of China failed their final dive, for which they were awarded zero points. The highly regarded Russian pair, although only in fifth place at the time, had a chance to move up in the standings with their final dive, which had a potentially high-scoring 3.5 level of difficulty. One diver, however, hit the edge of the board with his feet halfway through a somersault (reminiscent of a Greg Louganis incident). The American pair, in second place at the time, also earned shockingly low scores on their final dive by effectively bomb-diving. This left the Greeks, who had already taken their final dive unaware of the imminent melt-down, to claim the gold, Greece's first-ever in diving and the hosts' first gold of the 2004 Athens Olympics.

Rank Divers Final score
after five dives
Score after
four dives
Rank after
four dives
Gold medal icon.svg  Thomas Bimis
and Nikolaos Siranidis (GRE)
353.34 269.70 4
Silver medal icon.svg  Tobias Schellenberg
and Andreas Wels (GER)
350.01 265.35 6
Bronze medal icon.svg  Steven Barnett
and Robert Newbery (AUS)
349.59 271.09 3
4  Jorge Betancourt
and Erick Fornaris (CUB)
338.46 254.82 8
5  Tony Ally
and Mark Shipman (GBR)
334.98 262.08 7
6  Justin Dumais
and Troy Dumais (USA)
327.06 271.41 2
7  Alexander Dobroskok
and Dmitri Sautin (RUS)
312.24 266.04 5
8  Peng Bo
and Wang Kenan (CHN)
283.89 283.89 1