Divot Diggers

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Divot Diggers
Divot diggers.JPEG
Directed by Robert F. McGowan
Produced by Hal Roach
Music by Marvin Hatley
Leroy Shield
Cinematography Francis Corby
Edited by Louis McManus
Distributed by MGM
Release date
  • February 8, 1936 (1936-02-08)
Running time
14' 22"
Country United States
Language English

Divot Diggers is a 1936 Our Gang short comedy film directed by Robert F. McGowan; It was the 142nd Our Gang short to be released.


The action takes place at an expansive California golf course, where the gang merrily play their own ragtag version of golf with makeshift clubs. When the course's regular caddies quit en masse, the desperate caddy master hires the gang members as replacements. The kids—and their gibberish-spouting pet chimpanzee—proceed to drive an adult foursome crazy, then put the finishing touch on an imperfect day by accidentally commandeering a lawn-mowing tractor.


The Gang[edit]

Additional cast[edit]

  • Leonard Kibrick as Caddy
  • Billy Bletcher as Bill, golfer
  • Tom Dugan - Aggravated golfer
  • Jack Hatfield as Mr. Hatfield, the caddy master
  • Thomas Pogue as Mr. Jackson, golfer
  • David Thursby as John, golfer
  • Russ Powell as Chimpanzee (voice)
  • Hubert Diltz - Tractor driver
  • Jack Hill as Golfer
  • Matty Roubert as Caddy


  • After several years away from the Our Gang series, longtime mentor Robert F. McGowan briefly resumed his directorial activities.
  • Divot Diggers featured several new Leroy Shield musical compositions, including "Hot and Dry", "Standing on the Corner", "Beyond the Rainbow" and "Up in Room 4".[1]
  • Leonard Kibrick had a final short for Divot Diggers save it for The Lucky Corner, which was shot in 1935.

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