Djakout Mizik

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Djakout Mizik
Also known as Djazz Peyi A
Origin Haiti
Genres Compas
Years active 1986-Present
Members Pierre Michel Pedro
BJ Jolicoeur
Jean Emmanuel Saladin
Mogelin Dave
Sadrack Casimir
Carel Henry Pierre
Felipe Jacquet
Past members Auguste "Pouchon" Duverger
Rolls "Roro" Lainé
Hervé "Shabba" Anthénor
Etzer "Ti-Pouch" Charlemagne
Reginald "Ti-Regi" Bastien
Louimane "Mamàn" Absolu
Elie Lapointe
Tony Jean-Baptiste
Constantin "Tcheck" Joseph
Fabrice Rouzier
Dominique Lauture
Patrice Millet
Carel Alexandre
Michel-Henry Jeannot
Nickenson Prud'homme
Claude Marcelin
David Dupoux

Djakout Mizik is a Haitian compas band based in Carrefour, Haiti, Djakout Mizik is notable for their slow jazzy style and have produced songs such as Septieme Ciel, Naje Pou Soti, and Biznis Pam.

On New Year's Eve 2007, they performed with Wyclef Jean on MTV. This was their first appearance on an American network television. In February 2008, they were crowned the best carnival band in Haiti for their energetic performance of Kalòt Marasa (two slaps). In 2010, Djakout Mizik divided into two distinct bands; one retained the original name "Djakout Mizik", with the second band taking the name "Djakout #1".[1]

Studio albums[edit]

  • Defi Leve
  • Jistis
  • Live Biznis pa m'
  • Mannigueta
  • Love Songs
  • Live Mechan Mechan
  • The Family
  • Septieme Ciel


Title Release date Label
Dedouble 1997 Geronimo Records
Moso Lanmou 1998 Antilles Mizik
Septieme Ciel 2000 Antilles Mizik
La Familia 2001 Nouvel Jenerasyon
Mannigueta 2003 Z-Bo Entertainment Inc.
Jistis 2006 Tropikal Records Inc.
Prowfité(Djakout #1) 2010 Tropikal Records Inc.


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