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Djemaa Beni Habibi is a municipality of Algeria in Jijel province. It is located in the Northeast of the province and close to the Mediterranean coast, at 40 km Eastern Jijel's City centre and 90 km Northwest Constantine City. Its territory (48.25 km²) is bounded by the west bank of the valley El-Kebir and Seddat mountain. The topography of the municipality mostly consists of a chain of mountains covered by forests (oaks, pines, willows, elms, olives…). The climate is temperate, warm and dry in summer, rainy and humid in winter.

Administratively, Djemaa Beni Habibi is one of the municipalities of El Ancer District which is bounded by Sidi Abdelaziz, Kheiri (Kimir) Oued Adjoul, El Ancer, Bouraoui Belhadef, Bordj Thar and Kennar Nouchfi.

The population of Djemaa Beni Habibi was estimated at 14,655 inhabitant according to the statistics of April 2008. This population is dispersed on several Machtas (El kaada, Beni Maazouz, Tisbilene, Tamazrar, Teyana, Zrifa Hiyane...).

The main economic sectors of the municipality are agriculture and livestock, clothing and other crafts.

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Coordinates: 36°48′27″N 6°07′25″E / 36.8075°N 6.1235°E / 36.8075; 6.1235