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DM, Dm, dm, or D.M. may stand for:

Academic titles[edit]

Arts and entertainment[edit]

Film, radio, and television[edit]


  • Deathmatch, a gameplay mode integrated into first-person shooter computer games
  • Dungeon Master, the game designer, storyteller and referee in the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons


Other media[edit]

In business and economics[edit]

  • Deutsche Mark (1948–2002), the former official currency of Germany
  • East German mark (1951–1990), initially Deutsche Mark, the former official currency of East Germany
  • Developed market, those countries that are thought to be the most developed
  • Direct mail, or advertising mail, delivery of advertising material to recipients of postal mail
  • Direct market, the dominant distribution and retail network for North American comic books
  • Direct marketing, a type of marketing sending messages directly to consumers

Companies and products[edit]



Science, technology, and mathematics[edit]

  • Two SI units of length:





  • Dark matter, in cosmology, hypothetical non-luminous matter
  • Dichroic mirror, a mirror with different transmittance or reflectance at two different wavelengths
  • Dispersion measure, the amount of dispersion of radio waves by interstellar medium
  • Dry matter, a measurement of the mass of something when completely dried

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