Dobrovăț Monastery

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Dobrovăț Monastery
Mănăstirea Dobrovăț - vedere de ansamblu.jpg
Basic information
Location Dobrovăț-Ruși, Iași County, Romania
Geographic coordinates 46°58′13″N 27°42′19″E / 46.97038°N 27.70514°E / 46.97038; 27.70514Coordinates: 46°58′13″N 27°42′19″E / 46.97038°N 27.70514°E / 46.97038; 27.70514
Affiliation Romanian Orthodox Church
Architectural description
Architectural style Moldavian
Groundbreaking 27 April 1503
Completed 1504
Materials stone

The Dobrovăț Monastery (Romanian: Mănăstirea Dobrovăț) is a Romanian Orthodox monastery located in Dobrovăț-Ruși, Iaşi County, Romania. The monastery is listed in the National Register of Historic Monuments.[1]


Located 25 km (16 mi) southeast of the city of Iaşi, the monastery, dedicated to the Holy Spirit, is the last holy founding that Stephen the Great, the Voivode of Moldavia, erected during his reign. It was completed in 1504 by Bogdan III, son of Stephen. The paintings inside the church of the monastic complex were executed during the reign of Petru Rareș Voivode, another son of Stephen the Great, between 1527 and 1530.[2]


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