Dobrynya Nikitich (opera)

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Dobrynya Nikitich (Op. 22) is a 1901 opera by Aleksandr Grechaninov. It is described as a "Opera-Legend" based on the bogatyr Dobrynya Nikitich. The opera opened at the Bolshoy Theatre on October 14, 1903, with Fyodor Chaliapin in the lead.[1]


Excerpts were recorded by the Leningrad Radio Choir and Russian balalaika orchestra 'Vasiliy Andreev' under Georgy Doniyakh in 1959,[2] with Viktor Morozov (bass) Matvej Gavrilkin (tenor) Aleksandra Meshcheryakova (mezzo-soprano) and Lyudmila Grudina (mezzo-soprano).

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