Doctor Who: The Music II

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For other music used in Doctor Who, see Doctor Who Soundtrack.
Doctor Who: The Music II
Dr Who the Music 2.jpg
Compilation album by BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Released 1985
Recorded 1983–1984
Genre Electronic music
Length 44:36
Label BBC Records
Producer Dick Mills
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Doctor Who - The Music II
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Doctor Who: The Music II was the follow-up to 1983's Doctor Who: The Music. Once again it featured a selection of BBC Radiophonic Workshop music from the popular series. The compilation was made up of material recorded since its predecessor, including music from Workshop newcomer Jonathan Gibbs. As with the first album, the music was reassembled into short suites and remixed into stereo with added sound effects. It was re-released in 1992 on Silva Screen, with bonus tracks, as The Five Doctors - Classic Music From The BBC Radiophonic Workshop Volume 2. Selections from both Doctor Who - The Music albums were also re-used on the 1994 Silva Screen compilation The Best Of Doctor Who Volume 1 - The Five Doctors.

Track listing[edit]

Original 1985 track listing[edit]

Side one

  1. Peter Howell - "The Five Doctors"
  2. Jonathan Gibbs - "The King's Demons"
  3. Malcolm Clarke - "Enlightenment"

Side Two

  1. Jonathan Gibbs - "Warriors of the Deep"
  2. Peter Howell - "The Awakening"
  3. Malcolm Clarke - "Resurrection of the Daleks"
  4. Peter Howell - "Planet of Fire"
  5. Roger Limb - "The Caves of Androzani"

1992 The Five Doctors track listing[edit]

  1. Peter Howell - "Doctor Who"
  2. Malcolm Clarke - "Enlightenment"
  3. Jonathan Gibbs - "The King's Demons"
  4. Peter Howell - "The Five Doctors"
  5. Jonathan Gibbs - "Warriors of the Deep"
  6. Peter Howell - "The Awakening"
  7. Malcolm Clarke - "Resurrection of the Daleks"
  8. Peter Howell - "Planet of Fire"
  9. Roger Limb - "The Caves of Androzani"
  10. Peter Howell - "Doctor Who (Reprise)"

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