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Bella & Daisy’s Dog Bakery, Boutique, Daycare, and Grooming located on Union Street in San Francisco.

A dog bakery (Also known as: Barkery) is a business that produces fresh baked goods for dogs. The first dog bakery, Famous Fido, opened in 1979 on Chicago, Illinois's north side[1]. Many dog bakeries carry specialty pastries and treats especially for dogs with allergies, dietary needs, or bad breath. Now people can even order dog treats online and they can be delivered straight to their home.[2]

Reasons for popularity[edit]

There is a trend among United States consumers to humanize and indulge their pets.[3] This indulgence is also partly fueled by the trend to purchase natural and organic products. Often, store-bought treats are laden with sugar, preservatives, and chemicals. These trends are mostly responsible for the emergence of dog bakeries around the country.

Pet lovers are also more conscious about the quality of food they are feeding their pets. In March 2007, a pet food recall was made by major pet food brands following the news of pets' death after eating dog and cat food.[4] At least 471 cases of pet kidney failure have been reported in the 10 days since a nationwide recall of dog and cat food, and 104 of those pets have died.[5] Many more dog bakeries were founded after this recall because dog lovers turned entrepreneurs offer all-natural dog treats made with United States Department of Agriculture approved ingredients, no chemical preservatives and no wheat gluten[6], the source of the 2007 pet food recall contamination.

Where to find them[edit]

You can find a dog bakery in many different areas in the world, most of them will be on main street. If you don't want to leave your house then you can order everything online and it will be sent to your house. Another way is to go to[7] and they have a search that can locate a dog bakery in your area.

Categories of dog products[edit]

Packaged dog treats which are like the ones you will find in the grocery store but the difference is that they are hand made. Bakin shakes are seasonings that you can put on your dogs medication so they will eat it because to them it taste like bacon. Classic dog treats look like all types of different shapes like allegators and boats. Dipped and iced have icing on one half or all of the cookie. They also have a category for treats that have to do with anything and everything about sports. Just like humans dogs can also be gluten free so you can get them a treat just like you would do for any other dog.[8]

Dogs birthday or adoption day[edit]

You can celebrate your dogs birthday or adoption day just like if they were a human. You can order a customized dog treat that can say anything that you want. They will even write your dogs name on it.[9]

Dog treat delivery services[edit]

Dog treat delivery services started in 2011 with the first one being called bark box where you can have dog teats delivered to your house every month for a fee. This box will be arranged based on the month. For example the month April it is the start of baseball season so they had treats that looked like baseballs and plush dog toys that looked like helmets.[10]


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