Dokka Station

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Location DokkaNordre Land
Elevation 148.5 m (487 ft) AMSL
Owned by Norwegian State Railways
Operated by Norwegian State Railways
Line(s) Valdres Line
Distance 147.91 km (91.91 mi)
Opened 28 November 1902

Dokka Station (Norwegian: Dokka stasjon) was a railway station located in Dokka, Nordre Land, Norway, on the Valdres Line. The station opened on 28 November 1902 and remained until the line closed on 1 January 1989. It was 147.91 meters (485.3 ft) from Oslo Central Station and 148.5 meters (487 ft) above mean sea level.[1] The restaurant was taken over by Norsk Spisevognselskap on 17 January 1922. However, the restaurant was closed on 1 October 1923.[2]


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Coordinates: 60°50′00″N 10°04′29″E / 60.8333°N 10.0748°E / 60.8333; 10.0748