Dokuro (film)

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Directed by Sentaro Shirai
Produced by Ichikawa Utaemon Film Production
Starring Utaemon Ichikawa
Kokuten Takado
Daikichi Arashi
Taki Akizuki
Narrated by Midori Sawato
Cinematography Koh Matsui
Distributed by Digital Meme
Release date
  • 1927 (1927) (Japan)
Running time
32 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Dokuro (恐苦呂) is a 1927 black and white Japanese silent film with benshi accompaniment directed by Sentaro Shirai. This is a significant and rare film in that it depicts the tragic fate of a Christian lord who fought for his faith in the Edo period. Especially noteworthy are the final scenes in which Utaemon Ichikawa takes on his enemy with a gash in his forehead and wild, unkempt hair.

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