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Dolfin Dolfin or Delfino Delfin, was a Venetian nobleman who served as Admiral of the Byzantine Navy, playing an important role during the Siege of Constantinople in 1453.

Origin and career[edit]

Dolfin Dolfin, was born into the powerful Dolfin family of Venice, one of the oldest and most recognized noble families of the Serenissima. From a young age, he followed the "cursus honorum" of young venitian noblemen, training in the army, the naval fleet, the law, and affairs of State.

When the time came, Dolfin began to serve the Venetian Navy, which had the most powerful fleet of its day. His family had a long tradition in the Navy, reaching special notoriety when Giovanni Dolfin broke the Hungarian siege of Treviso in order to be crowned as Doge in 1356.

In the XVth century, Venice controlled most of the Mediterranean, and held dominion over the Byzantine Empire. Therefore, when the Ottomans began their siege on Byzantine capital, the Venitian fleet was immediately involved in its defence. During the siege, Dolfin was commanded to defend the north gate of the city, which he managed with great success. When Giacomo Coco, admiral of the Christian fleet died while trying to burn the Turkish fleet, Dolfin was put in charge of the Byzantine Navy. Dolfin Dolfin survived the fall of the city.

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