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Land Art Mongolia

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Land Art Mongolia (LAM 360°) is a biennial art festival in Mongolia.



Land Art Mongolia was launched in 2006 in tandem with a Land Art Symposium in Bor-Öndör.[1] Artists from 16 countries participated.[citation needed]

The Land Art Mongolia event was presented during the opening of the 56th Venice Biennale.[2]

The 2021 edition was split into two events: urban public art and land art.[3]

Some participating artists included Yoko Ono, Marc Schmitz, Jacek Tylicki, Herman de Vries, Ai_Weiwei, among others.



MNG 360° (MNG 360° БАЙГАЛИЙН УРЛАГ МОНГОЛ) is an Ulaanbaatar based independent arts organization dedicated to raising awareness of issues such as sustainability, nomadic culture, ecological decentralization and democracy through contemporary art. Their main project is this biennial, which takes places throughout the Mongolian steppe and offers residency and an exhibit space to artists working in these fields.[4][5][6] Marc Schmitz is the founder of the Land Art Mongolia Biennial and has served as artistic director since 2010.[7] Marc Schmitz has been married to artist Dolgor Ser-Od since 2008.[citation needed]


Edition Year Title Curators
2nd[8] 2012 Fumio Nanjo

Anja Brietzke Rasha Ragab

4th[2] 2016 Catching the Axis – Between the Sky and the Earth
5th[9] 2018 Who Are We Now ? Lewis Biggs


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