Nikollë Kaçorri

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Nikollë Kaçorri
Dom Nikollë Kaçorri.jpg
Dom Nikollë Kaçorri
Born Nikollë Kaçorri
Lurë, then Ottoman Empire, now in modern Albania
Died 1917 (Aged 55)
Vienna, Austria
Cause of death cancer
Nationality Albanian
Occupation Archbishop of Durres, and vice-premier of Albania
Known for Religious and political activity
Term Vice Prime Minister
Predecessor Post established
Religion Roman Catholic
Bust of Dom Nikollë Kaçorri, the Vice Prime minister of the Provisional Government of Albania in Durrës.

Dom Nikollë Kaçorri (1862–1917), was a prominent figure of the National Renaissance of Albania. A signatory of Albanian Declaration of Independence, Dom Kaçorri served as Vice Prime minister of the Provisional Government of Albania, after the independence.[1]


He was born in 1862 in Lurë, (now in Dibër municipality) and became a Catholic priest in 1878. In 1902 he became the Archbishop of Durrës, where he served until the Albanian Declaration of Independence. He was also a participant in the Congress of Monastir, which created the Albanian alphabet.

Dom Nikollë Kaçorri died in 1917 in Vienna, at the age of 55, from cancer.

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