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Domenico Belli (died May 1627 in Florence) was an Italian composer who worked at the Basilica of San Lorenzo, Florence 1610–13. He is most notable for his setting of the Pianto d'Orfeo (or it:Orfeo dolente) by the Camerata poet Gabriello Chiabrera as five intermedii for Torquato Tasso's Aminta, at Florence in 1616.[1][2] This was recorded by Le Poème Harmonique under the direction of Vincent Dumestre in 2008.[3]


  1. ^ Patricia Howard - C.W. Von Gluck, Orfeo 1981- Page 6 "Within the next dozen years two more settings of the story, Orfeo dolente (1616) by Domenico Belli and La morte d'Orfeo (1619), a pastoral tragi-comedy by Stefano Landi, were performed in Florence and Rome "
  2. ^ New Oxford history of music: Volume 4; Volume 4 Jack Allan Westrup - 1990 "Orpheus has always been a popular operatic subject; the monodist Domenico Belli produced a Pianto d'Orfeo or Orfeo dolente, five intermedii for Tasso's Aminta, at Florence in 1616.
  3. ^ The gramophone: Volume 86, Issues 1033-1038 2008 "Orfeo dolente by Domenico Belli is a set of five intermedi, performed between the acts of Tasso's Aminta in the "Florence 1616" of the disc's title. There is no Charon, or indeed Eurydice, as the action begins after Orpheus has lost her "