Domestic Difficulties

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Domestic Difficulties
Mutt and Jeff series
Directed by Bud Fisher
Produced by Raoul Barre
Charles Bowers
Story by Bud Fisher
Studio Pathe Freres
Mutt and Jeff Films
Bud Fisher Films
Distributed by Pathe Film Exchange
Release date(s) c. 1916
Color process Black and white
Running time 8:27
Language English
Preceded by Cramps
Followed by Dog Pound

Domestic Difficulties is a silent short film featuring Mutt and Jeff. The film is one of the earliest animated adaptations of Bud Fisher's comic strip which achieved some success a few years previously.


Inside an apartment, Mutt is sitting down, strumming a banjo. Momentarily Mutt's wife comes to the scene. She tells Mutt she is going out, and that she tells him to stay home. Mutt seems to give his word on the matter. But Mutt phone calls his friend Jeff, and says they'll go to a bar once his wife leaves. Mutt then goes to bed, pretending to sleep. The wife checks in the bedroom and exits. With the wife apparently gone, Mutt comes out of a bedroom window, and climbs down a pipe on a wall where Jeff is waiting. Jeff suddenly spots the wife coming back, and therefore tells Mutt to return to the bedroom. Mutt is able to get back in bed on time to be seen by her there. When the wife resumes to her outing. Mutt climbs down the pipe again, and walks away with Jeff. Little do the two men know that as they walk further away from the apartment, the wife surprisingly returns shortly.

Mutt and Jeff enter their intended bar. A few hours past midnight, they head to a park where they are supposed to part ways but just decide to sit down and relax. And because they are both intoxicated, they even see the park spinning around them.

Mutt and Jeff finally return to Mutt's apartment. Inside the building, Mutt's wife is sitting down irritated, and holding a rolling pin. Mutt attempts to climb up the pipe but his intoxication makes it very difficult, prompting him to just use the door. But before he could proceed, Mutt is unsure how his wife would greet him. He then tells Jeff to see if she is asleep. Jeff enters the apartment, and goes towards Mutt's room. Jeff knocks and opens the door, only to be pounded and knocked down by a rolling pin. Jeff, slightly annoyed, heads to the outside. And upon going out, Jeff lies to Mutt, saying the wife is fast asleep. As Mutt enters the apartment, the scene remains on the outside where Jeff is standing. Moments later, loud noises break out from the building, implying Mutt is taking a bad beating from the wife. When the noises end, Jeff considers to leave. Suddenly, a bruised Mutt gets thrown out of a window, along with some bricks, which all fall on Jeff.

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