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Dominic Rouse (born Dominic Hugh Peter Rouse, August 15, 1959 – ) is an English photographer and visual artist whose career has spanned photojournalism, advertising, commercial and fine art photography in England, America and South-East Asia. He is a significant contributor to contemporary photographic Surrealist movement, although his ties to it are informal. He has also exhibited alongside such visionary artists of the Fantastic Realism movement as Ernst Fuchs and H L Geiger. He was an early pioneer in the area of manipulated digital photography particularly in the black and white fine art field where his work is widely exhibited. He is best known for producing highly detailed beautifully printed large format silver darkroom prints from digitally composed negatives. His melancholic and often disturbing photographic images featuring dismembered human figures in decaying dystopian environments have helped him to achieve international recognition. His later digital works were made using the computer without the use of a camera and are generally exhibited as contemporary pop street/urban.

Dominic Rouse - The Master of Manipulation


1999 IDEA Awards London UK

2000 IDEA Awards London UK

2001 Benham Gallery Seattle USA Sink Gallery Denver USA Judy Hines Gallery Holt UK Fresh Art Fair London UK British Art Exhibition Zurich SWI St Giles Street Gallery Norwich UK

2002 Plus One Gallery London UK Sink Gallery Denver USA Schneider Gallery Chicago USA Buckenham Gallery Southwold UK Galeria ArteXArte Buenos Aires ARG Gables Yard Gallery Pulham Market UK Benham Gallery Seattle USA Neues Rathaus Linz AUT

2003 Center for Photographic Art Carmel USA Photo San Francisco USA

2004 Honolulu Academy of Arts USA Fotofest 2004 Houston USA Limner Gallery New York USA Foto Arte Brasilia BRA

2005 Gallery 1401 Philadelphia USA Los Angeles Center for Digital Art USA

2006 Benham Gallery Seattle USA Peninsula Museum of Art Belmont USA Micaela Gallery San Francisco USA Art of Photography Show San Diego USA Art of Digital Show San Diego USA Center for Photographic Art Carmel USA

2007 Gallery 24 Berlin GER Artrom Gallery Rome ITA Seattle Erotic Art festival USA H Gallery Bangkok THA Schot Gallery Florida USA Art Now Miami USA

2008 Photo LA Los Angeles USA McDermott Gallery Siem Riep CAM Petcharat Garden Hotel Roi-Et THA Icebox Gallery Minneapolis USA Viewpoint Gallery Sacramento USA Benham Gallery Seattle USA 21c Museum Louisville USA Pyro Gallery Louisville USA

2009 Farmani Gallery New York USA Gossip Gallery Bangkok THA

2010 Verve Fine Arts Santa Fe USA


1984 BIPP Student Award Winner UK

1985 Benson & Hedges Gold Awards UK

1986 The Challenge of Glass Winner UK

1999 IDEA Awards Winner (Best Colour Print) UK

2000 IDEA Awards Winner (Manipulation/People) UK

2002 Ultimate Eye Foundation Grant Recipient USA

2003 International Photography Awards First Prize (Special Photography) USA

2004 Discoveries of Fotofest USA BW Spider Awards USA The Photo Review Competition USA

2005 The Photo Review Competition First Prize USA Black and White Magazine Gold Award USA Artrom Gallery Digitally First Prize ITA LACDA International Juried Competition First Prize USA

2006 Ultimate Eye Foundation Grant Recipient USA BW Spider Awards Portfolio Series First Prize USA

2007 Prix de la Photographie Paris Fine Art First Prize FRA Palm Springs Photography Festival First Prize USA

2009 Xto Image Awards Winner USA


1985 The Photographer 01/09/85 UK Marketing 05/12/85 UK

1986 The Photographer 01/01/86 UK Creative Photography 01/10/86 UK Anglia Television News Feaure UK

1999 IDEA Awards Book 17/10/99 UK

2000 IDEA Awards Book 17/10/00 UK

2001 PhotoArt International #22 01/02/01 UK Digital PhotoArt #12 01/03/01 UK Zing Magazine #15 Spring Issue USA Lenswork #36 01/07/01 USA

2002 British Journal of Photography 16/01/02 UK British Journal of Photography 13/02/02 UK British Journal of Photography 17/04/02 UK Austrian Super Circuit Catalogue July '02 AUT Foto Mundo #410 Aug '02 ARG XII Encentruos Abiertos Catalogue Aug '02 ARG Gables Yard Gallery Catalogue Aug '02 UK Fotorevista Web Interview 10/08/02 ARG Buenos AiresHerald Interview 11/08/02 ARG Canal @ TV Interview 15/08/02 ARG

2003 Carmel CPA Newsletter Spring '03 USA Carmel CPA Fine Print Program 2003/4 USA

2004 In Celebration of Light Photographs from the Collection of Cherye R. and James F. Pierce (ISBN 0-937426-62-8) USA Correio Braziliense Brasilia 19/06/04 BRA PhotoFest 2004 Exhibitions Catalogue (ISBN 0-9718044-1-9) USA

2005 The Photo Review #27/2 USA Incredible Eyes (ISBN 0-9674898-5-7) USA B&W Magazine Annual USA BW Spider Awards Calendar USA

2006 BW Magazine #45 USA PHOTO Magazine Romania

2007 World's Greatest BW Photography USA PX3 Annual FRA Silvershotz Vol 4 Ed.3 AUS Phot'Art Magazine FRA After Image Magazine USA

2009 Traversing The Orient THA Asian Geographic SIN Direct Art Vol 16 USA

2010 LensWork Special Editions Folio USA


Some observations made by viewers and collectors...........

"Unquestionably he is a master technician and if that were not so, his work would not have the power of persuasion it possesses. It’s his incredible technical finesse that allows us to believe his imagery as well as to just be amazed by it. His technique does not get in the way of his ideas: like a great violinist or pianist - the technique frees us by its brilliance." Mark Fields, Philadelphia USA

"If he lived in the 17th century Dominic Rouse would have been one of the great Dutch Masters who maybe went unrecognized for a few centuries or was ostracized from the guild for the scandal of creating forbidden landscapes." Iyesha van den Haak, Irvine USA

"..... in my humble opinion, one of the most interesting photographic artists working today." Brooks Jensen, Editor LensWork Publishing USA

"The work is beautiful and intriguing. It is a delight to see it in person and to be able to appreciate the exquisite tonal qualities." Paul Paletti, Louisville USA

"I have thought of myself as a photographer for many years now and from the work I have seen being marketed, I thought I was quite good. But then, I saw your prints in Lenswork. Well, if you and I were painters, your work would be in the Louvre and mine would be, at best, a bright new picket fence. I am completely taken by your prints. They are mesmerizing works that I have only dreamed of accomplishing." Dougan L Gary, USA

"These provocative fantasies provide endless opportunities for speculation. They are not only challenging but alluring, as is every Rouse print; an impeccably crafted thing of beauty." Mark Power, photographer and collector, USA

"I have just unpacked the print and am absolutely enthralled by it - the craftsmanship, the emotion laden in the artistry, the pose; I must thank you immensely for producing it!" Dr Joseph Scherzer, Arizona USA

"I have always been an admirer of the paintings of Dali, Bosch, Otto Dix and the darker works of Goya made in his later years so I am very proud to have 'Ecce Homo' in my possession. Above all I was blown away by the graphic pain emanating from the print. 'Ecce Homo' will be a source of satisfaction in my home for many years to come." José Godoy, Stockholm Sweden

"...deep and original insights into the human soul." Graham Nash, musician, photographer and collector USA

"Dominic Rouse's art goes beyond a prosaic depiction of our world , beyond our reason and logic and beyond what we have claimed as beautiful. And beyond the subtle textures of his exquisite prints lies that art; dark in tone and rich in the symbols of the unexpected - toned silver tableaux of undeclared meaning." David Genovesi, ArtRom Gallery in Rome, Italy

"Discovery is important in reading his work: false anticipation may not let discovery take it's own patient course. Interference with the visual discovery process could easily distort the reading of the subtle refinements of the work." E J Emanuel, Governing Board Director, Peninsula Museum of Art, USA

Your work is most impressive and inspiring. You really have mastered every facet of the whole package, concept to completion, very very deep...a modern-day Picasso and true renaissance man. George Shagawat, New Jersey USA

"The prints just go to prove why the web is so inadequate - the toning and the quality of your work is really amazing. I feel as if I've entered into a bizarre chamber inside Jean Cocteau's head or gone through the mirror in Orphee... the image is settling and disturbing at the same time and that is a quality I appreciate. Pictures should challenge rather than let us get sofa comfortable in their presence. Thank you for the print Dominic, it really is quite extraordinary." Alan Griffiths, Los Angeles USA on 'Tea Dance'

"It was an absolute pleasure to see the actual prints of your work. The quality is truly remarkable and flawless." André Reusch MA MFA, Associate Professor of Photography, Santa Fe USA

"Thank you for the spectacular print!" Stephen Perloff, editor The Photo Review Philadelphia USA

"His brilliant imagery is steeped in a refined wit and balanced with the luxuriant tones of his silver gelatin prints. When the medium of digital art is defined, Dominic Rouse, along with Maggie Taylor and Simen Johan, will be one of the artists that we will credit with having paved the way for digital expressionism." Marita Holdaway, Benham Gallery, Seattle USA

"The tonality of a Dominic Rouse print is quite exquisite. The shadow through highlight detailing and the velvet-like quality of the surface are all masterfully exectuted. His prints have a tactile quality which adds another dimension to his imagery. We can feel the silk of 'Angeline's' ribbons, the smoothness of the pearls sewn into her dress, and the impending danger and grime of her environs." Susan Seiller, collector USA

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