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Dominique Aubier, née Marie-Louise Labiste, (May 7, 1922 – December 2, 2014) was a French author. A book she wrote about the alleged kabbalah encoding of Miguel de Cervantes's Don Quixote in 1966 has received some attention at that time.


Born in Cuers, France, She studied in Nizza. Acted in the French Resistance in 1944. Lived during 30 years in Spain before returning to France.


Aubier wrote forty books over a fifty-year span: six novels published by edition du Seuil, two books about the Spanish bullfight,Fiesta in Sevilla[1] and Fiesta in Pamplona.[2] Furthe Most of her books have esoteric themes, the most recent of them being a book about Indian Cinema and its symbolism. Since 1966, she has written several books about Miguel de Cervantes's Don Quixote alleged cabalistic encoding. The prof. Ruth Reichelberg (Bar Ilan University) and prof. Pierre Guenoun (University Sorbonne, Spanish Institute, Paris) approve the idea that Cervantes could be Jewish origin[citation needed], not her cabalistic work. Only the prof Mac Gaha (Pomona College, California) supports her cabalistic work but he writes also that " she has been twice nominated for a Nobel Prize" what is wrong.[3]

So it's considered by some[who?] as a hoax [4] and dismissed by Cervantes scholars such as Jean Canavaggio (emeritus Professor of Spanish Literature at the University of Paris X-Nanterre, Goncourt Price of the biography for his book "Cervantès" [5]) considered one of the greatest experts on Cervantes [6] ) or Ruth Fine (Professor of Spanish and Latin-American Literatures at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem) as ungrounded, as there is no testimony of any connection of Cervantes to Jewish secret circles, and no sign that he had read, or even could read, the Hebrew Bible [1].

Films about Dominique Aubier[edit]

  • After the Storm.Directed by Joële van Effenterre English subtitle. The meaning of a cataclysm.90 mn, 35 mm, production Mallia - film/ Les Documents Cinématographique/ Centre National du Cinéma. vidéo.
  • The Secret of Don Quijote. El Secreto de Don Quijote. English subtitle. Spain. 2005. 52 min. Colour. Documental. DV CAM. Direction, Photography and Editing: Raúl Fernández Rincón. Production: LUCA FILMS S.L. / Producer: Raúl Fernández and Alberto Martínez.


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