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Don't Forget the Lyrics! is the Singaporean version of the international game show Don't Forget the Lyrics!. In Singapore, an English-language version premiered on 27 November 2008, whereas the Chinese Mandarin language version premiered on 25 August 2009 in addition to a special celebrity episodes in 2010.

English version[edit]

The Singapore version of the game show, hosted by Singapore Idol host Gurmit Singh, premiered on 27 November 2008 on MediaCorp Channel 5. It airs every Thursday night at 8:00pm. Contestants will sing their way to the top prize of S$500,000.

Prize Progression Ladder: $1,000, $2,000, $5,000, $10,000 (guaranteed sum), $15,000, $25,000, $50,000, $100,000, $200,000, $500,000 (top prize).

Special episodes[edit]

The first episode on November 27, 2008 featured Singapore Idol contestants Hady Mirza, Jonathan Leong and Taufik Batisah for a Pop Stars Edition of the show. They earned a total of S$25,000 for charity.

During the Comic Mayhem episode in the Singapore version aired on March 5, 2009, what's different from the original is that Deal or No Deal host Adrian Pang hosted the episode, and the show ended with the three contestants running away due to the time, and ended with the lyrics of the $10,000 song not locked in, remaining the same. The contestants for the first part of the Comic Mayhem Special were Phua Chu Kang (Gurmit Singh) from Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd, Barberella (Michelle Chong) from The Noose and Sgt Dollah Abu Bakar (Suhaimi Yusof) from Police & Thief. The next part continued on March 12, 2009, where other contestants will take the former ones' places, and Gurmit Singh returned as host. The contestants for the second part were Adrianna Wow (Michelle Chong), Jojo Joget (Suhaimi Yusof) (both from The Noose) and Adrian Pang. They won S$50,000, which was given to charity.

Another special episode featured local babes in the form of Fiona Xie, Jade Seah and Andrea Fonseka. On the S$50,000 to S$100,000 mark, Andrea was confident of her answer to the song of "The Boy is Mine" with 12 missing words, so all 3 agreed to lock in the lyrics. However, one word was incorrect ("the" but they sang "what's"), and the money dropped down to S$10,000 which was given to charity.

On the final episode on April 9, 2009, MPs Maliki Osman and Baey Yam Keng participated in the game show. The duo raised S$25,000 for charity.

Chinese version[edit]

The Mandarin version of Don't Forget the Lyrics (Chinese: 我要唱下去) premiered on 25 August 2009 at 8:00pm every Tuesday. It is hosted by Taiwanese host Zeng Guo Cheng (Chinese: 曾国城). Contestants will be competing for S$500,000. As at the last episode, there were 10 normal episodes and 4 celebrity episodes.

Prize Progression Ladder: $1,000, $2,000, $5,000, $10,000 (guaranteed sum), $15,000, $25,000, $50,000, $100,000, $200,000, $500,000.

The highest amount won was $200,000 by a female contestant Wu Huixin (Chinese: 吴惠欣) over two episodes aired on Oct 7 and Oct 14, 2009. She chose not to attempt the $500,000 song. She became the highest money winner on a Singapore gameshow in almost eight years since a male contestant won $250,000 on a Dec 27, 2001 episode of Who Wants to be a Millionaire.[1]

The Mandarin version is the only version that sees a few contestants reaching the "safe haven". Adding on, host Zeng did not mention how many missing words are there in each round, opposing to other versions of the show.

Celebrity Episodes[edit]

The first episode was a celebrity special consisting of 3 local comedians, Mark Lee, Michelle Tay and Henry Thia. They managed to win $10,000 for charity.

The second celebrity special on the fifth episode saw local singers Joi Chua, Kelvin Tan and Chew Sin Huey winning $10,000.

The third celebrity special on the tenth episode saw local television hosts Jeff Wang, Kym Ng and Quan Yi Fong winning $25,000.

The fourth celebrity episode on the last episode, the fourteenth episode saw 3 YES 933 DJs Dennis Chew, Seah Kar Huat and Siau Jia Hui winning $50,000. The highest celebrity payout of the four episodes.

Chinese version (All stars edition)[edit]

A brand new season of Don't Forget the Lyrics begun its taping between May 7 to May 12 2010, subsequent episodes were taped on 1st and 2 June 2010. 14 confirmed episodes have been announced. Marking the 3rd installment in the Singapore version. The host of this special edition is comedian, actor and host; Mark Lee. The show will begin its debut on June 1 2010, Every Tuesday, 8:00pm on Channel 8. The jackpot for this special season is SGD50,000, and all proceedings and winnings will go to charity.

Prize Progression Ladder: $100, $200, $500, $1,000 (guaranteed sum), $1,500, $2,500, $5,000, $10,000, $20,000, $50,000.

In total, the celebrities have raised S$50,000 for the charities.


Episode Episode Date Category Contestant(s) Total Prize Money
1 1 June 2010 New City Beat 2 hosts Kym Ng, Bryan Wong, Quan Yi Fong $5,000
2 8 June 2010 Housewives' Holiday cast Hong Huifang, Xiang Yun, Ann Kok $5,000
3 15 June 2010 Singers Hsiao Huang-Chi, Derrick Hoh, Kelvin Tan $5,000
4 22 June 2010 Singing Coaches Anthony Png, Dawn Yip & Cao Jian Ping $10,000
5 29 June 2010 Impersonations Of Taiwanese Singers Guo Liang, Michelle Chong, Dennis Chew
acting as Fei Yu-ching, Tsai Chin and Feng Fei Fei respectively
6 6 July 2010 On the Beat hosts Vivian Lai, Lee Teng & Apple Hong $2,500
7 13 July 2010 (Part 1)
20 July 2010 (Part 2)
Taiwanese Singers Tony Sun, Ehlo Huang & Yang Guang $1,000
8 20 July 2010 Singers From The "Oldies" Lin Ru Ping, Hao Hao & Bao Bei Jie Mei $1,500
9 27 July 2010 Actors Brandon Wong, Terence Cao & Jerry Yeo $5,000
10 3 August 2010 Golden Age Talent Class Marcus Chin, Ling Xiao & Cui Xia $1,500
11 10 August 2010 Hosts Daren Tan, Cavin Soh & Dasmond Koh $5,000
12 17 August 2010 Hosts & Comedians Michelle Tay, Henry Thia & Jeremy Chan $2,500
13 24 August 2010 Project SuperStar 2 contestants Kelvin Soon, Lydia Tan & Carrie Yeo $1,000
Grand Total $50,000

Two episodes saw celebrities reaching the final song level, but all 2 teams failed to attempt it successfully, hence dropping them back to $1,000. The 2 teams are Taiwanese Singers: Ehlo Huang, Tony Sun and Yang Guang, following by Project Superstars: Lydia Tan, Carrie Yeo and Kelvin Soon.