Sons of Ralph

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Sons of Ralph
Sons of Ralph.jpg
Background information
OriginMadison County, North Carolina, United States
Years active2001–present
  • Ralph Lewis
  • Martin Lewis
  • Don Lewis
  • Steve Moseley
  • Ozzie Orengo Jr.

Sons of Ralph is a bluegrass band from Asheville, North Caroline formed by Ralph Lewis.[1]


The band was formed in 2001 by Ralph Lewis with his sons Martin and Don.[1] It has released several albums, including the 2003 live collection Tune to This and the 2011 EP Livin’ in Asheville.[1] Their debut studio album was released in 2001, titled Grab a Root and Growl.[2]


  • Ralph Lewis — vocals, vocal harmony, mandolin, fiddle, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
  • Martin Lewis — vocals, vocal harmony, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, slide guitar, dobro, harmonica, percussion, keyboards
  • Don Lewis — fiddle, banjo, vocals, vocal harmony, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, harmonica
  • Steve Moseley — bass guitar, vocals, vocal harmony, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
  • Ozzie Orengo Jr. — drums, percussion

Ralph Lewis[edit]

Born on April 25, 1928 in Big Laurel of Madison County, North Carolina, he played the guitar and mandolin at a young age.[3] He was the youngest of seven sons, the same as his father who was also a seventh son.[4] As a duo with his brother Ervin, Ralph hosted radio shows under the name Carolina Pals. After moving to Niagara Falls, New York, he formed a band with another brother, Blanco, who died in World War II. In 2001, he received the Bascom Lamar Lunsford Award.[5] Married to Imogene with whom he parented four children, Ralph formed the Sons of Ralph with his sons Martin and Don.[3] Known as a pioneer in bluegrass, he died at the age of 89 on August 5, 2017.[1]


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