Don Richardson (musician)

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Don Richardson
Background information
Also known asD. Amati Richardson[1]
Clinton, North Carolina, U.S.[2]
Died1953 (aged 74/75)
  • Fiddler
  • Professor[1]

Don Richardson (1878–1953)[2][3] was an American fiddler who may have made the first country music recording in 1914, eight years before the first generally recognised country recording was made in 1922.



A-2018 Durang's Hornpipe (Mx 46759 April 1916) A-2018 Mississippi Sawyer (Mx 46754 April 1916)

A-2140 Old Zip Coon (Mx 46757) A-2140 Arkansas Traveler (Mx 46755)

A-2575 Devil's Dream (Mx 46756) A-2575 Miss McLeod Reel (Mx 46755)

A-3424 Dance With The Girl With A Hole in Her Stocking (Mx 79842) A-3424 Annie Laurie/White Cockade (Mx 79845)

A-3452 Soldier's Joy/Massa/Turkey in the Straw (May 1921-Mx 79844) A-3452 Little Yaller Gal/Old Black Joe (May 1921-Mx 79843)

A-3527 Hull's Victory/Quiltin' Party (Mx 79850) A-3527 Limber Up Reel/Old Oaken Bucket/Speed the Plough (Mx 79851)

A-3581 Opera Reel/Nellie Gray/Ivy Leaf (Mx 79852) A-3581 Rickett's Hornpipe/Pig Town Fling (Mx 79849)

S-5644 A Perfect Day/Dear Old Girl-Waltz (Dec. 1914-Mx 37125)


1147 Dance With the Gal With A Hole in Her Stocking 1147 The Devil's Dream/Old Black Joe Medley

1169 Mississippi Sawyer-Medley (February 1919) 1169 McLeod's Reel (February 1919)

1254 Irish Washerwoman (July 1919) 1255 Arkansas Traveler (July 1919)

PHONOLA (Kitchener)

1147 Devil's Dream 1147 Dance With A Gal With A Hole In Her Stocking


46757 Old Zip Coon - Medley 46758 Arkansas Traveler 46759 Durang's Hornpipe - Medley

LITTLE WONDER (5" Records)

908 Durang's Hornpipe & Kentucky Home Violin solo 909 Mississippi Sawyer & Massa's In the Cold, Cold Ground, Violin solo (not aurally identified)


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