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Dr Donald Axelrod (January 15, 1916 – March 16, 1999) was Professor Emeritus and former chairman of the Department of Public Administration & Policy at the State University of New York, Albany (SUNYA). Axelrod also served as director of the Public Enterprise Project of the Rockefeller Institute of government.[1]

He authored several books, including Budgeting for Modern Government and Shadow Government: The Hidden World of Public Authorities. Axelrod was a member of the American Society of Public Administration.


Donald Axelrod died on March 16, 1999, at his home in Slingerlands, New York, after a long battle with cancer, aged 83. He was survived by his wife, Selma Sachs Axelrod (November 4, 1916 - January 9, 2009) and their children, Rosemary and Jonathan.[2]


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