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Donald Foster Hudson
Born (1916-04-29)29 April 1916[1]
Halifax, West Yorkshire, England
Died 5 June 2003(2003-06-05) (aged 87)
Other names D. F. Hudson
Education Regent's Park College, Oxford, Oxford University, M.A.[2]
Parent(s) Mother:Kate, Father:John
Church BMS World Mission
Ordained 6 July 1940[1]
Writings See Section
Congregations served
West Bradford Baptist Fellowship and the Central Bradford Baptist Fellowship.
Offices held
Lecturer of New Testament, Serampore College, Serampore
Title Reverend Doctor

Donald Foster Hudson (Halifax, 1916-2003) was a British missionary in India and the author of Teach Yourself New Testament Greek.


Hudson was born in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England on 29 April 1916[1] to John and Kate. He got enlisted for overseas missionary work with the BMS World Mission and was sent for theological studies to the Regent's Park College, Oxford,.[1] He was ordained as a Baptist minister on 6 July 1940[1] and sailed for India the same year.

Hudson first served as a Missionary in Burma and then became Lecturer in New Testament at Serampore College {the only constituent College of the Senate of Serampore College (University)}, Serampore from 1941 to 1964[3] along with M. P. John, his colleague who joined the College in 1947. Hudson along with M. P. John happened to tutor K. David then pursuing postgraduate studies in Serampore College.[4]

In 1964 left India and was involved in pastoral roles in England among the Baptist fraternity.[1] In 1997 he received Maundy money from Queen Elizabeth II in Bradford Cathedral, West Yorkshire, England.[1] He was a member[5] of the Society for Biblical Studies in India.



  • Teach Yourself New Testament Greek[2]
  • Teach Yourself Bengali[6]
  • The Life and Letters of Saint Paul[7]


  • Diakonia and its Cognates in the New Testament[8]
  • A Further Note on Philippians 2:6-11[9]
Professional and academic associations
Preceded by
M. P. John[5]
Society for Biblical Studies in India[5]

1966 - 1968
Succeeded by
R. Van de Walle[5]
Religious titles
Preceded by
President, Yorkshire Baptist Association, Leeds[1]
Succeeded by


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