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Donald N. Bastian is a retired Bishop of The Free Methodist Church of North America,[1] serving in this office from 1974-1990. In 1990 he was elected the first bishop of the newly formed Free Methodist Church in Canada, from which office he retired in 1993. He and his wife, Kathleen, live in Brampton, Ontario.

Prior to his service as a bishop of the church he served three Free Methodist congregations -- Lexington, Kentucky, during his seminary years (1953-1956), New Westminster, B.C., (1956-1961), and the Greenville College church in Greenville, Illinois, (1961-1974), totalling 21 years.

Bastian has authored several books, including the well-used and often-updated membership training book of the Free Methodist Church, Belonging. He also authored a book entitled, Counterfeit: The Lie of Living Together Unmarried. Bastian has authored hundreds of periodical publications, appearing in Light and Life magazine, the magazine of the Free Methodist Church, and in Christianity Today. Bastian's new book, God's House Rules,[2] a book about biblical principles for family life, was released in 2007.

Bastian earned his B.A. from Greenville College, the B.D. (comparable to today's M.Div.) from Asbury Theological Seminary and has been awarded four honorary doctorates.

Bastian was born in Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Donald Bastian is married to the former Kathleen Swallow, and has four children.


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